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Waste Tyres

We at Mr Service Ltd dispose of your waste tyres as set out by The Environment and Heritage Service.

Number of used tyres rising annually in Northern Ireland

There is a high but unknown volume of used tyres arising in Northern Ireland. Current Departmental estimates based on previous surveys and Assembly Research papers suggest it is in the region of 30,000 tonnes per year or 1.8 million tyres, nearly double the amount in 2000. Indications are that only 17% of this is actually being recovered.

Significant amounts of used tyres are not being disposed of in a way that meets legal and environmental obligations and while estimates suggest this might be improving it would still seem to be well below the target of the 2006 - 2020 Waste Management Strategy.

The Department should establish a robust method of quantifying the amount of waste tyres arising in Northern Ireland on an ongoing basis with a clear current indication of what proportion of these are not recovered and utilised in a proper manner. The Department should also require public bodies to quantify and report the number of waste tyres found on their property before making arrangements for their disposal.

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