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 At one point, air conditioning was considered a luxury vehicle feature that many did not have. However, a large proportion of vehicles are now fitted with air conditioning or climate control as a standard vehicle specification. Like any other component, this part of your vehicle suffers from normal wear and tear and so maintenance is essential to ensure the continued optimum performance of your air conditioning system and to remove any unpleasant smells.

Many consumers do not realise their vehicle's system should be recharged at least once every 2 years and, as an air-con recharge does not make up part of a general service, if your vehicle is more than two years old, it's potentially the case that you require an aircon recharge now.

We offer three levels of service ranging from a foundation level aircon recharge up to a comprehensive service, recharge and clean.


For older cars, R134a Gas is required Costing from £75.00 + VAT

For newer cars, R1234yf Gas is required Costing from £120.00 + VAT

Leak testing and diagnostics From £45.00 + VAT



Here at Mr Service Ltd, all our staff are F gas qualified which is certified by the IMI (The Institute of the Motor Industry) 


How Often Should You Regas Your Car Air Conditioner?

It is recommended that you regas your car's air conditioning system every one to two years. Whilst some cars can last a good five years before needing a regas, it's best to put your car through a regular service in order to keep your car's compressor (the belt-driven device that transfers refrigerant gas into a condenser) in good shape. Even the best-designed vehicles will lose roughly 10% of the refrigerant gas in their air conditioning systems annually.

Your car's air conditioning system should be thought of like your car's engine and overall performance. You don't wait until your car dies before you get it fixed (well, at least you shouldn't!), so why wait for the air conditioning system to break before you have it regassed? How often you regas your car air conditioning will reduce the number of potential problems it may have further down the track.

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